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All about oxidized maang tikka

Oxidized maang tikka

oxidized maang tikkas

An oxidized maang tikka is a traditional Indian headpiece that has undergone the oxidation process. It is made of silver, which is first given a dark antique finish by using chemicals or heat, and then it is crafted into intricate designs. The oxidization process gives the maang tikka a unique, vintage look that is different from regular maang tikkas.

What is Oxidized Jewellery?

Oxidized jewelry is a type of jewelry that has undergone an oxidation process. Oxidation is a chemical process that occurs when a metal comes in contact with oxygen. When metal oxidizes, it changes color and develops a layer of patina, which gives it a vintage look. This process is often used in jewelry making to give the metal a dark and antique finish. In the case of maang tikkas, oxidization is done on silver, which is then crafted into different designs.

Designs and Patterns of Oxidized Maang Tikka

they are available in a variety of designs and patterns. The designs range from traditional to modern, and they can be worn with both traditional and contemporary outfits. Some of the popular designs of oxidized maang tikkas are:

  1. Filigree design – The filigree design is a delicate, lacy pattern that is created by twisting and bending thin wires of silver. This design is popular in oxidized maang tikkas as it gives a light and airy look to the headpiece.
  2. Tribal design – The tribal design is a popular pattern. It is inspired by the art and culture of tribal communities and features bold, geometric shapes and patterns.
  3. Floral design – The floral design is a popular pattern in Indian jewelry. It features intricate, floral motifs that are crafted using silver wires and beads. This design is often used in oxidized maang tikkas as it gives a feminine and delicate look to the headpiece.
  4. Peacock design – The peacock design is a popular motif in Indian jewelry. It features the image of a peacock, which is considered a symbol of beauty and grace in Indian culture. The peacock design is often used in oxidized maang tikkas as it gives a regal and majestic look to the headpiece.
  5. Kundan design – The kundan design is a traditional Indian design that features gemstones set in a gold or silver base. In oxidized maang tikkas, the kundan design is created by using oxidized silver and setting the gemstones in the base. This design gives a royal and elegant look to the headpiece.

Here are some additional points to consider when learning about oxidized maang tikkas:

  1. Materials Used: The oxidized  maang tikka is typically made using silver or other metals that can be oxidized. The gems and stones used in the maang tikka can range from pearls, kundan, or even semi-precious stones like turquoise or onyx.
  2. Maintenance: Oxidized jewelry is prone to tarnishing and losing its finish over time, so it requires proper maintenance to keep it looking good. It is recommended to store oxidized maang tikkas in a dry, airtight container to prevent tarnishing. Additionally, it is important to keep the maang tikka away from moisture, heat, and chemicals.
  3. Matching with Outfits: Oxidized maang tikkas can be worn with a variety of outfits. They pair well with traditional Indian attire such as saris, lehengas, and salwar kameez. They can also be paired with Western outfits such as dresses or even with a simple jeans-and-top look to add a touch of traditional flair.
  4. Significance: In Indian culture, the maang tikka is considered an auspicious ornament that symbolizes a woman’s marital status. It is traditionally worn by brides and married women. However, in modern times, the maang tikka is not limited to married women and is worn by all women on special occasions.
  5. Importance of Handmade Jewelry: Many oxidized maang tikkas are handmade by skilled artisans. Supporting handmade jewelry not only supports the artisans but also helps to keep traditional crafts alive. Handmade oxidized maang tikkas are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that add a personal touch to your style.

In conclusion, oxidized maang tikkas are a beautiful and unique accessory that can add an element of vintage charm to any outfit. With a variety of designs and patterns available, there is an oxidized maang tikka for every taste and occasion. Whether you prefer traditional or modern designs, wearing an oxidized maang tikka is a great way to celebrate Indian culture and add a touch of elegance to your style

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