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Different Types of Kurti That Suits Your Body Shape

Kurtis are every woman’s go-to-attire. It is stylish, comfortable and easy to wear. Whether you are going to a party, puja, office or college, Kurti can be worn without any forethought. With different types of Kurti available online, you have a wide range of choices to choose from. However, while choosing Kurti for yourself, you must pick the one that fits your body type.

designer Kurti for women that fits your body perfectly can really accentuate your style and make you look ultra gorgeous and stylish. It may highlight your natural curves and can enhance your feminine beauty. So, discover which silhouette works best on you and which type of kurti suits your body type.

How to Choose A Kurti That Suits Your Body Type?

How to Choose A Kurti That Suits Your Body Type?

It’s not necessary that what looks good on a model or Bollywood celebrities may flatter you the same. Thus, while purchasing Jaipuri Kurti online, you must keep your body shape in mind. A right Kurti based on your body shape can make a big difference in your style statement. It may instantly glam up your look and make you look extremely beautiful and fascinating.

Here are a few styling tips to find the right types of kurti based on your body shape. So, whether you are pear shaped, apple shaped, athletic or hourglass frame- find your match here!

1. Apple Shaped Body

Apple Shaped Women Body

Characteristics: People with Apple Body Shape have round shoulders, big chest, round tummy, flat butts, slim and strong legs.

Types of Kurti You Should Wear:

  • Kurti with darker shades.
  • Add kurtis to your wardrobe that are crafted by cotton and silk fabrics.
  • Choosing A-line Kurti will help you to draw attention away from your upper half and will highlight the slimmer lower half of your body.
  • Go for a V-neckline or embellished necklines to balance out broad shoulders and have an elongated effect.

Styling tip: Pair a dark tone A-line designer Kurti for women with light colored cigarette pants and V-neck to elevate your look.

2. Hourglass Figure

Hourglass Women Figure

Characteristics: Hourglass is said to be the perfect body shape for women. People with hourglass figures have a narrow waist, wider hips and defined bust.

Types of Kurti You Should Wear:

  •  Having an hourglass figure is a blessing. You may wear any type of Kurtis and can carry off almost every style.
  • Pick kurtis that exactly fits your body shape.
  • Flared kurtis and kurtis that define your waist looks best on you.
  • Deep neckline Kurtis may help you to shift the attention from heavy bust giving a balanced effect.
  • Choose not so clingy but comfortable fitted Kurtis to dazzle on the occasions.

Styling Tip: Flaunt your beautiful curvaceous body shape with flared printed Anarkali designer kurti and Palazzos or straight fit pants to look taller and stylish.

3. Pear Shaped Body

Pear Shaped Women Body

Characteristics: Pear shaped body features full hips, narrow shoulders, slim arms and neck. These people have broader legs and smaller upper body.

Types of Kurti You Should Wear:

  • Anarkali, flared kurtis and printed Kurtis will work well for you. Printed kurtis will highlight your upper body making you look perfect for every occasion.
  • You must choose a collar pattern, mandarin pattern, boat neck and square necklines for your kurtis.
  • To draw attention away from the slim arms and make it look fuller, choose flared sleeves or loose sleeve patterns.
  • Prefer wearing light kurtis with dark color bottom wears to hide the lower portion of the body.
  • A-line Kurti will look perfect on your body shape always.

Styling Tip: Flaunt your style with a koti look on straight kurti or shop for Anarkali or long hemline Jaipuri kurtis online to ensemble a stylish and elegant look.

4. Athletic Frame Body Shape

Athletic Frame Women Body Shape

Characteristics: Athletic body frame women are skinny with small waist. Their hip and shoulder are about the same. The waist is not overly-defined and looks straight up and down.

Types of Kurti You Should Wear:

  • You are blessed! With an Athlete body frame, you may carry off almost all types of kurti.
  • Long Kurtis will highlight your legs and add more curves to your body shape.
  • You must prefer deep necklines to look ravishing and glamorous.

Styling Tip: Flaunt your beautiful body shape with straight long designer Kurti for women. You may pair it with straight cut bottoms to look gorgeous and stylish.

5. Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

Inverted Triangle Shaped Women Body

Characteristics: Like the inverted triangle, this body shape features a small bottom half, large upper half of the body, squared shoulder line and undefined frame between waist and hips.

Types of Kurti You Should Wear:

  • Prefer Jaipuri kurtis online that define waist. Flared kurtis will work for you well.
  • You must go for long kurtis that don’t cling to your hips.
  • Deep necklines designer kurtis will help you to shift the attention from your broad shoulders.
  • Wearing Raglan sleeves kurtis may create an illusion of evenly distributed curves. Short sleeves on kurti may also help to balance your broad shoulder effect.

Styling Tip: Wear short kurtis with skirts or patiala bottom wear and avoid the Kurtis that have detailing on shoulder. High necklines is a big No to you.

6. Banana Shaped Body

Banana Shaped Women Body

Characteristics: Straight shoulder, hips and butts are the features of a Banana shaped body. These people have small to medium size bust, subtly defined waist and average tummy.

Types of Kurti You Should Wear:

  • Choose to wear broad and deep neck designer kurtis for women.
  • Anarkali and kurtis crafted of heavy fabric offer volume to your body frame.
  • Add Jaipuri kurtis to your wardrobe that have a nipped or cinched waist.
  • Panel detailing,pleated and front placket kurtis will look better on you.
  • Scoop and boat neck and medium to high necklines should be preferred.

Styling Tip: Avoid deep neck kurtis and prefer pairing your kurtis with straight, flared, skinny bottom wears. Strong block coloured Kurtis will accentuate your shape and create an illusion of a curvaceous frame.

7. Petite Frame Body

Petite Frame Women Body

Characteristics: Petite refers to women who are short or have height of 5’3’. These women have skinny looks with narrow body frames.

Types of Kurti You Should Wear:

  •  Choose Jaipuri Kurtis online that may add volume to your body.
  • Avoid mid-thigh kurti designs as it makes you look shorter.
  • Prefer silhouettes that are flowy like Anrakli Kurtis or A-line Kurtis.
  • Long, very short and upper thigh length Kurtis will look good on you.

Styling Tip: Accentuate your body frame with embroidered, bold colored long straight kurtis. You may pair your long kurtis with wide leg palazzos to enhance your look.

8. Fuller Figured Body Shape

Fuller Figured Women Body Shape

Characteristics: This shape women are voluptuous and curvaceous. They have an overall rounded frame with non-narrow waistline, rounded backside, heavy bust and butt.

Types of Kurti You Should Wear:

  • Straight cut kurtis are the best choice for the Fuller figured women.
  • Kaftans, long flared Anarkali designer kurtis for women should be preferred.
  • Avoid wearing high necklines, large prints or too tight or too loose Kurtis.
  • Do not wear embellished Kurtis that may make you look bulky instead try to shop for the ones that may highlight your wrists and collarbones.

Styling Tip: Pair a dark single colored straight kurti with churidaar and straight pants. A beautiful long Jaipur kurti having small prints will make you look slim and gorgeous.

Hopefully, now you know how to shop smart and buy a perfect pair of Kurti for you. So, keep the above tips in your mind and unveil the perfect ensemble from the amazing kurti collection of Mayuraj. The beautifully curated designer kurtis for women will bring up your feminine charm and definitely make all the heads turn!

So, hurry up! Spruce your wardrobe!

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