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7 Key features of oxidized jewellery


Oxidized jewellery is a type of jewellery that has a dark, antique, and rustic appearance. The following are the features of oxidized jewellery:

  1. Color: The color of oxidized jewellery is dark and sometimes black due to the chemical reaction that occurs when the metal is exposed to air.
  2. Surface: The surface of it is textured and has a matte finish, which adds to its unique and rustic appearance.
  3. Material: It is made from various metals such as silver, copper, brass, and other alloys.
  4. Process: Oxidization is achieved by exposing the metal to an oxidizing agent such as sulfur or nitric acid. The process creates a thin layer of metal oxide on the surface of the jewellery, giving it its dark color.
  5. Durability: Oxidized jewellery is durable and long-lasting. However, its color may change over time due to natural wear and tear or exposure to chemicals.
  6. Style: It is a popular choice for those who appreciate a rustic, bohemian, or vintage style. It is often used to create unique and bold pieces of jewellery.
  7. Maintenance: It requires proper care to maintain its appearance. Avoid exposing it to water, chemicals, and perfumes, as they can cause the metal to deteriorate

Oxidized jewellery

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