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Bollywood fashion for men has evolved significantly over the years, with many actors pushing the boundaries of traditional Indian clothing and experimenting with new styles. One of the most popular trends in recent years has been the fusion of traditional Indian clothing with modern, Western styles.

One of the most iconic and popular traditional garments worn by men in Bollywood is the sherwani. This long coat-like garment, which originated in North India, is typically made of rich fabrics such as silk or velvet and is embellished with intricate embroidery, beads, or sequins. The sherwani is usually worn over a kurta, which is a long, loose-fitting shirt, and paired with a churidar, a form-fitting pant that tapers at the ankle.

bollywood fashion

Sherwani style has also evolved over time, and now designers have been experimenting with different cuts, colours, and fabrics to make it more modern and trendy. Bollywood actors often wear sherwanis in historical and period films to represent the culture and tradition of India and also in events for a traditional/ cultural look, leading to a rise in Bollywood fashion.

Another popular traditional garment worn by men in Bollywood is the kurta pyjama. The kurta is a long, loose-fitting shirt that falls just above the knee, and the pyjama is a loose-fitting pant that is worn with it. The kurta pyjama is usually made from lightweight cotton and is perfect for hot, humid weather. It is a comfortable and casual garment that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

The kurta pyjama has become a popular bollywood fashion because it is considered to be a quintessentially Indian outfit and can be used to convey a sense of traditionalism and cultural authenticity. It is worth mentioning that kurta-pyjama is not only worn by men, but also by women, and children as well. The style, type of fabric and cut may differ based on the gender and demographic, but the concept and design remains similar.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of actors experimenting with new, modern styles of clothing. For example, many actors have been seen wearing suits and tuxedos on the red carpet, rather than traditional Indian clothing. Suits and tuxedos in a classic Western style but with a fusion of Indian elements like a high collar or traditional Indian motifs embroidered. This bollywood fashion has been embraced by a younger generation of actors and has become increasingly popular with audiences.

Another modern trend that has become popular in Bollywood fashion is the fusion of traditional Indian clothing with contemporary streetwear. This can be seen in the use of oversized kurtas, baggy pants, and sneakers, which are paired with traditional Indian jewelry and accessories. This style is not only popular among actors, but also among younger, fashion-conscious men in India. Another example is the fusion of traditional Indian kurta (a long, loose-fitting shirt) with western-style jackets and accessories, such as fedora hats and sunglasses.

Many designers and bollywood fashion houses have been experimenting with these fusion styles, incorporating elements of Indian culture into their collections and promoting them on social media and in fashion events. This fusion of traditional and modern styles has also been seen on the runway, with many designers showcasing the fusion look on the ramp. This trend is not only limited to clothing and fashion, but also it’s seen in music and dance, where artists have been blending traditional Indian beats and instruments with contemporary music to create a new genre that appeals to a wider audience.

One of the most notable Bollywood fashion icons for men is Ranveer Singh, known for his bold and flamboyant fashion choices. He often wearing traditional Indian garments like the sherwani but in a modern way, with bright colors and unique designs, or pairing them with unexpected items like sunglasses or hats. He also isn’t afraid to experiment with different styles and can be seen wearing a wide range of garments, from traditional Indian clothing to modern streetwear.


In conclusion, Bollywood fashion for men has evolved over the years and has become increasingly diverse. Men in Bollywood are now embracing new styles of clothing and experimenting with different garments. The trend of fusion of traditional Indian clothing with modern, Western styles has become particularly popular, with actors and audiences alike embracing this new look. However, traditional Indian clothing like the sherwani and kurta pyjama are still being worn and are considered iconic garments. The style icon of Bollywood men is also a popular example of how men can be fashion-forward and play with the latest trends in a creative way.

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